Highest expertise
in machining

Added value for the commercial vehicle industry

As an automotive industry supplier and partner of the largest original equipment manufacturers (OEM), Beinbauer specialises in the subcontracting of castings and forgings in large and small batch series, as well as the manufacturing of chassis components, steering knuckles and gearboxes. Besides the production of assemblies, ready-to-fit components, the company also has extensive expertise in logistics. This includes specially developed packaging, as well as just-in-sequence delivery.

Thanks to continuous quality planning, Beinbauer is consistently able to reliably meet time, quality, quantity and cost specifications. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, highly qualified staff, in-house tools and jig construction, ensure a consistently optimised value chain – from the initial consultation, through production and assembly all the way to the delivery. This enables us to develop valid, cost-effective solutions based on an impressive mix of in-depth product and process expertise.

Our expertise

Leaders in development and production

As a leading machining specialist, systems supplier and innovator with product responsibility, Beinbauer is a valued partner of the commercial vehicle industry. The company has a close and reliable production network wich ecompassees high development and production experiences, as a premium supplier

Machining work

We are Germany’s largest independent machining operator of cast and forged parts for the commercial vehicle industry in the build-to-print process.

Customised developments

We focus on costumised development starting with the concept development and feasability study and ending with the premium just-in-time production and delivery.

Coatings and assembly

We handle the coating and assembly of components in a ready-to-fit approach using state-of-the-art production facilities, processes and technologies.

Machines and manpower
– a strong union

Reliable processes – maximum flexibility

As a leading machining specialist, Beinbauer has proven itself as a product-responsible systems manager and innovator. Together with our customers, we develop components and assemblies for individual requirements. Our strengths lie essentially in our manpower who ensure smooth production processes. Furthemore, we posses a cutting-edge machinery park, which ensures us maximum flexibility, precision and efficiency during production.

Our services range from our core competence, machining, via blank parts management, procurement to coating, assembly and just-in-sequence delivery on a specific day. The benefits for our customers are clear: not only do we provide the right goods in the right place at the right time, we also guarantee impeccable quality for each specific use.

Our service portfolio:

  • blank parts management
  • procurement
  • painting and coating for instance, CDP (cathodic dip painting) with zinc phosphate, thick coat CDP, powder coating, wet paint, stone impaction protection
  • assembly
  • welding
  • materials analysis
  • heat treatment
  • clearance
  • pressure rolling
  • shot blasting
  • cleaning
  • individual transport solutions
  • DMC laser labelling