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Founded in 1914 by Walter Hundhausen, the company developed into one of Germany’s leading foundries and specializes in the production of iron castings with nodular graphite. Renowned customers from the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, railroad technology, hydraulics and wind energy appreciate the excellent quality of the products and the first-class service of the company. Hundhausen produces both small and large series and complex castings weighing from 15 kg to 400 kg.

With the integration into the Beinbauer Group, the full range – from design to production, from raw parts to the delivery of components – is now covered. Customer-specific solutions can thus be realized from a single source.

Our competences

Fully integrated value chain

Hundhausen covers the entire value chain and supplies a wide range of customers, from the automotive industry to mechanical engineering. In doing so, the company stands for years of expertise, efficiency and accuracy.

Blank design

After analyzing the component requirements, we create models for customer-specific blanks in the form of CAD designs in the shortest possible time.

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As experts in casting work, we manufacture precision-fit, high-quality unfinished parts. Through optimal material design, it is also possible to realize lightweight components.

through tradition

Expert for customized solutions

Hundhausen enables the new development of ready-to-install castings for customer-specific requirements. From the selection of the material, through calculation and design, to production, the entire value chain is covered. Decades of experience in the field of casting technology make Hundhausen a competent partner who is able to excellently implement even complex and challenging geometries.


From railroad technology and general mechanical engineering to the agricultural industry and the truck sector – Hundhausen products are used in a wide variety of industries.

Our range of services at a glance:

  • Development support: from prototype to series production in conjunction with 3D sand printing
  • Prototype production, simulation, customer consulting for casting-appropriate design of castings
  • Model making
  • Range of materials according to DIN EN 1563 (ductile cast iron and SphäroPlus)
  • 10 cold box core shooters (10 l – 50 l)
  • HWS box mold machine with impulse and multi-stamp pressing process (1,420 x 915 x 360/360)