Integrated supply solutions

A staunch systems supplier 

Wagner supplies the commercial vehicle and capital goods industry with ready-to-fit castings and forgings for frames, gearboxes and engines. Founded in 1935 by Wilhelm Wagner, the origins of the company are in the blacksmith trade and in the production of prototypes and spare parts for vehicle repairs and wagon construction. Wagner’s warehouses reliably deliver samples and spare parts in all batch sizes from a single source.

Through the management of a machining network, the company can respond flexibly to all demand situations and changes, while also permanently maintaining free production capacity for immediate use. Many years of experience as a supplier of commercial vehicles and mechanical engineering and high-quality standards combine to make Wagner a reliable partner for its customers. Sophisticated logistics allows for secure planning.

Our expertise

A series supplier and solution provider

Wagner is an expert in the management of flexible production networks in the supply industry. Wagner offers comprehensive solutions as a series supplier and solutions provider for global players in automotive and mechanical engineering.


All-in-one solutions:

We cover the entire assembly chain end-to-end – from blank procurement through processing and finishing down to the final assembly of ready-to-fit assemblies.

Blank optimisation:

We optimise blank parts before series production begins. This increases efficiency in workmanship and maximises cost savings for our customers.


We work with a wide range of reputed blank parts suppliers, enabling us to deliver production batches ex-works to our customers. Large warehouse capacities ensure on-time delivery.

Complete solutions
from a single source

Supply chain management for more cost efficiency

Wagner is a reliable partner of the commercial vehicle and capital equipment OEMs. With our services around the production of ready-to-fit castings and forgings, we cover the entire supply chain – from blank procurement through machining and finishing down to the final assembly of ready-to-fit assemblies. As a systems supplier, it is particularly important to us to offer complete solutions. This includes the supply of series and spare parts using our experienced logistics in all batch sizes.


The special feature of our services is that we input our experience to optimise blank parts and machining contents before the start of series production. This reduces costs and makes production more efficient. We operate worldwide in blank parts procurement, supplier development and, increasingly, with our own production facilities. Furthermore, our in-house jig construction allows us to quickly address customers’ requests and to perform optimisation measures at short notice.

Our service portfolio:

  • worldwide blank parts procurement
  • supply chain management
  • machining of frame, transmission and engine components in iron, steel and aluminium materials
  • finishing
  • assembly
  • jig construction
  • processing
  • purchasing
  • quality assurance
  • storage and logistics
  • back-up production