Additional capacities
in manufacturing

Component manufacturing at the highest level

As a leading provider of fully integrated machining solutions, the Beinbauer Group attaches great importance to continous development. In order to complement the Beinbauer Group’s comprehensive range of services, the new location in Chomutov (Czech Republic) was chosen for Beinbauer CZ. The additional location in a best cost country combines the core competences and creates even more free machining capacities.

On 10,000 square meters of expansion space, Beinbauer CZ can efficiently handle orders for contract manufacturing as well as large-scale production. The growing capacity in the Czech Republic allows customers to outsource production at a fair price-performance ratio instead of relying on in-house production.

Our competences

Beinbauer CZ has established itself at its site in Chomutov and completes the comprehensive repertoire of the Beinbauer Group from there. The focus is on precise manufacturing and the machining of customer-specific components.

Mechanical processing

One of the core competences of Beinbauer CZ is the mechanical processing of individual parts and series parts. Many years of experience form the basis for the quality of our work.

Large series

Another area of expertise is the production of large series. Beinbauer CZ has sufficient capacity for large quantities of components according to customer requirements due to the large amount of space available at the site.

Large-parts production

Beinbauer CZ has state-of-the-art machinery, which enables the production of large components.