Key components
for top-of-the-range vehicles

An overview of our components and assemblies

The Beinbauer Group supplies frame components and axle parts, as well as components for engines, gearboxes and chassis. We specialise in medium and small series as well as prototype production. Our in-house jig construction allows us to address customer requests and optimisation requirements at any time at short notice.

Axle parts

Steering knuckle


Dimensions in mm: 400 x 312 x 293

Material: 41CrS4

Weight in kg: 25.70

Bell hub


Dimensions in mm: 283 x 363 x 363

Material: GJS-400

Weight in kg: 19.03

Frame components

Lift arm

Hubarm links

Dimensions in mm: 468 x 232 x 193

Material: GJS-500

Weight in kg: 25.26

Central bearing block


Dimensions in mm: 960 x 645 x 313

Material: Cast iron EN 1563-JS1060

Weight in kg: 106.05



Dimensions in mm: 740 x 345 x 210

Material: Cast iron EN 1563-5.3108

Weight in kg: 35.26

Front spring hanger


Dimensions in mm: 676 x 544 x 370

Material: Cast iron EN 1563-JS1025

Weight in kg: 34.35

Chassis parts

Front panel


Dimensions in mm: 568mm x 255 mm x 230mm

Material: GGG40 ( EN-GJS-400 )

Weight in kg: 32,2 kg

Front crossmember


Dimensions in mm: 1315 x 253 x 429

Material: GJS-400

Weight in kg: 82.00

Air bellows support

Balgtraeger Beinbauer-group

Dimensions in mm: 970 x 269 x 300

Material: GJS-600

Weight in kg: 36.50

Engine parts

Motor mount


Dimensions in mm: 210 x 200 x 180

Material: Cast iron EN 1563-EN-JS1060

Weight in kg: 5.2

Gear parts

Diff. case


Dimensions in mm: 871 x 671 x 593

Material: GJS-550

Weight in kg: 398

Push rod


Dimensions in mm: 1113 x 233 x 180

Material: GJS-400

Weight in kg: 31.47