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since 2013

Integrated solutions – comprehensive competence

The Beinbauer Group was established in 2013 by the merger of two companies, both of which were originally family-founded companies that had been successful for decades in the automotive sector: Beinbauer and Wagner.

The core competencies of both companies include the machining of components and assemblies in state-of-the-art production processes as well as building and expanding a supplier network.

In combination, the Group now constitutes the largest independent machining operator in Germany.

The Beinbauer Group offers its customers all-in-one solutions for axle, frame, gearbox and engine parts from a single source. From blank procurement, part production and finishing to component assembly, and outbound delivery. For more than 40 years, we have been a reliable partner for leading OEMs of the commercial vehicle, agricultural, construction machinery, rolling stock and car industries.

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Decades-long expertise

For many years, leading OEMs have relied on the expertise of the Beinbauer Group’s comprehensive service portfolio. As the European market leader for steering knuckle coating with the only fully automated production line in Europe, the Beinbauer Group can count reputed manufacturers, such as MAN, ZF, DAIMLER, FENDT, and many more among their customers.

The Beinbauer Group’s core competencies are further complemented by a quality assurance system composed of certifications, an in-depth fault reporting system, firmly rooted quality awareness among our staff, internal and external qualifications.

Machining competence since 1968

As a leading machining specialist, and prime contractor and subcontractor with product responsibility, Beinbauer is a valued partner for the commercial vehicle industry. The company has a close and reliable production network and decades of development and production experience as a premium supplier.

Supplier expertise since 1935

Wagner is a reliable partner of the commercial vehicle and capital equipment OEMs. We can supply ready-to-fit forgings and castings using our highly efficient supply chain management processes.

Guss Schmiede Hundhausen Beinbauer Group

Casting specialist since 1914

Hundhausen is a specialist in casting technology. As one of the leading foundries in Germany, Hundhausen specializes in the production of iron castings with nodular graphite. Renowned customers from the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, railroad technology, hydraulics and wind energy appreciate the excellent quality of the products and the first-class service of the company.